Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Money Matters

I just wrote the subject line, "money matters" ard realized its a double entendre (sp?). Yup, that says it all.

So, due to limited finances, we won't be moving. I can't tell you how that frustrates me. I've doubled my income and have $250k in equity and I can't afford to move.

Things to follow up on:
- Combine car insurance to one company. Should get a multi-car discount.
- Refinance. Won't get much, but will drop FHA insurance. That should make it worth it.
- If we save enough in refinancing, up the borrowing 10-20k for home improvement, if we can still arrange to save money.

Things worth pricing:
- Drywalling the basement.
- Putting drywall up in the attic.
- Expanding the attic.
- New siding and insulation.

Things to do:
- Empty out the basement so that we can put in drywall. Move some things to shed.
- Move out old Macs.
- Sell TV? (It's a space hog and we watch movies on the laptop.)
- Reshelve Jen's books and use that space in my office for basement stuff.
- Sell what books I can to the used book dealer for store credit. (That's for the CD habit.)
- Work with wife to sort through her things.

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