Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Change and No Change

Lots has happened this weekekend, but nothing's changed.

Let's skip house hunting for a sec.

On Friday, date night consisted of TGIFridays and dead cow. I had a mojito and what a mojito it was. Jen had to drive home. Those things pack quite a whollop.

I tried watching the iTunes Battlestar Galactia episodes. That proved problematic. Something is either wrong with my QuickTime, or my laptop just can't handle iTunes video. Either way, we are talking one frame a second in places. There's a reasonable chance that the Quicktime is completely messed up on the laptop. I should consider Panther.

I made it out to the DC Pen Show. It was a slightly smaller show this year. There were more empty tables and fewer people. I sold off my Esterbrooks for $110. I think that was a low number, I picked up some Parker 21's for $2.50 each and a nice Lamy Safari in metallic green. I also said hi to MauzyBroadway, who hadn't yet heard the baby news, so much congratulations were in order.

And that brings us to house hunting.

We saw our first batch of houses on Saturday. They were quite the variety. There were a few ugly and inappropriate houses. We want to add solar panels and solar water heater. The most appropriate house was fairly nice, but begs a little constructions. We saw a wonderful three story with a rentable basement near a college. I do mean that this was a wonderful house. Pricey, though, but the basement makes it affordable. The final house was a once-wonderful tudor, but which needed elbow grease in every single room, in addition to roof and windows. I would ADORE that house if it weren't so much work.

We went back to see one house, which was best situated for solar. We had a solar expert come out and talk about the house. We decided to put a bid in. The house was listed for $550k, but we are only willing to bid $525k. To make things more complicated, the house started at $590k.

Some of that $525k is to live near Takoma Park proper. I figure, we would be paying $100k just to move there. That's half the equity. That's a big hit. So instead of getting a jump up, we are only getting a bump up.

While lying awake last night, I crunched some numbers in my head. We'd be best off borrowing $200k. That way, one of us could work and we could eek out ahead. Borrowing $300k takes us into problematic land. Once Jen isn't working, we can't meet those numbers. However, we also want to do solar construction, which competes with maternity loss. We can spend money on both, but the compromises compound.

Meanwhile, we are trying to get the pre-approval papers. I dropped off the paperwork at the UPS place, and hopefully it gets there in a reasonable time today. However, there's no guarantee of today delivery. It's a good bed, but no guaranteed.

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