Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


One of my recently drilled teeth has been bothering me. I made an appointment for tomorrow morning.

We caught some film over the weekend. We saw "The Valiant Ones", a Hong Kong martial-arts film from the mid-70's down at the AFI. We had a snafu with meeting folks, but we did eventually find each other.

The bank is approving our bridge loan. We should be getting a letter for our primary loan. They bank will lend us a million dollars. Let me repeat that. The bank will lend us a million fucking dollars. OMFG. We can be negative-millionares. We can owe a million. JFC on crack!!!!

We looked at listings for Takoma Park. There are some nice houses there. Hopefully Jen can get out with the agent and look over a few houses.
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