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Home and Roosting

Had another test in psych today. Blah. I don't think that I did as well on this test as I did on the others. I just didn't know the material as well. I'll predict that I only got an 85 or so. Not so hot.

I was chatting with Dr. Bryant at work today. He heads up the Molecular Imaging Lab. When the lab grows big enough, he love to have me full time taking care of stuff. I think that's cool.

Other work coolness: we had our first security meeting today. We spent an hour rolling about various security issues. I filled a white board with topics. Security is another possible advancement avenue at work.

I finished Frankenstein. The moral of the story is: if you are a neurotic and sensistive romantic poet, you should not create life in a secret laboratory by using corpses looted from graveyards.

In "Call of Cthulhu" terms, poor Victor made all his mad scientist rolls very well. Once his creation awoke, he blew his sanity roll bigtime, losing about 30-40 sanity in one fell swoop. He then proceeded to spend agonizing chapters recovering while not having a homosexual affair with his best friend. The beast then murders a family member because he had his own sensitive feeling hurt by some French ex-patriots, and so vowed revenge upon Victor Frankenstein. Upon meeting Frankenstein, he begs for a wife, thus proving that the beast is not homosexual. (He is, however, a voyeur). Victor then gets engaged to his cousin and immidiately takes a trip with his best friend to England, where they do not have a homosexual relationship. Victor goes off to a remote island is Scottland where he starts making a woman, but comes to his senses and destroys the whole thing. The beast kills Victor's butt-buddy in revenge. Victor marries his cousin, but the beast kills her before they can get it on. (All those years of waiting and they didn't do it in the broom closet? He must be gay.) The two then dash up into the arctic for no real reason. Victor then tells his sad story to the sensitive sea captain, who is not gay, then dies of heartbreak and severe malnutrition. The End.

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