Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

More fun than writing

I have recently found that making up Harry Potter summaries is far more fun than actually writing the darned things. We can make them up waiting for the metro or washing dishes, have a laugh, then move on. Writing them would actually be anti-climactic.

So, that much said...


J.R. Strolling is a famous author of the wildly successful Henry Painter books. Stuck with dreadful writer's block, she has herself dropped off on an uncharted desert island so that she can escape her fans and finish the final book of the series . There, she meets an unexpected group of castaways. They do many wacky things to help her past her writer's block, especially Gilliigan, who LOVES the series more than ANYTHING and has been writing his own fanfic novel while stuck on the island. In the end, the writer takes Gilligan's book and sneaks off the island. That book goes on to be wild success and our castaways are left castaway.

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