Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I don't usually get bit by the fanfic bug, but every so often, my brain whirls. You understand.

I enjoy imaging HP/60's sitcom crossover, written in the style of the 60's sitcom. Well, not so much write, as write-gags.

What could we do?

HP vs.
- I Dream of Jeanie
- Bewitched
- The Addams Family
- The Munsters
- The Beverly Hillbillies
- Get Smart
- Gilligan's Island

You get the idea.

Quite honestly, it's astounding how well stock-gags work in these crossover. Toss lightly with all the HP characters doing their usual gags. Spice furiously with misunderstanding. Easy. Too easy.

I would say that I am less creating HP fanfic and more creating 60's sitcoms fanfic. (Is there such a thing?) After all, the HP universe is the straight man in these crossovers. It's those sitcom characters that get to have all the fun.

Let's take the Beverly Hillbillies as an example. The Clampetts come to England and discover that they actually have an ancestral deed to Hogwarts, so they move in. Jethro decides to become a wizard. Ellie Mae keeps bringing home strange animals and out-wrestles Hagrid. Granny runs all the elves out of the kitchen with a shotgun and cooks for everyone, by herself and LOVES getting her fortune read (no matter how innacurate). Jed just whittles on the front steps and talks to everyone, making sure that exposition happens. The banker and his secretary show up for more laughs. And the teachers conspire on how to get rid of those annoying muggles. Can it be any easier? Do you realize how many gags I can recycle into this with little to no change?

Those folks who invented those 60's sitcoms were brilliant.

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