Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Coding Fun

I passed a hurdle in my new perl script last night. I worked out how to identify the monster types of all the monsters. This was difficult, as the monster type has no easy "tag" to identify it, and shifts location in the table. However, if I search for "Hit Dice:", then I have a relative position.

I tested the script last night. Pearl takes a few hundred pages of text and puts them into a single variable. Do lots of operations. Split the varible on the newline and form an array. Do operations on the array. Dump everything do disk.

Phew. I adore perl and regular expressions.

I've also been playing with JEdit. This is a java based scriptable editor. Yay fun. Without knowing what I was doing, it took me 45 minutes to record a macro, learn how to edit a macro, and come out with a macro that converts HTML tables to Wiki format. Fun.

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