Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I've been rewriting my perl code YET AGAIN for the D&D Wiki. This time, I started by converting tables directly into wiki format. To do that, I sucked up all the text into a single variable and did all the operations on that variable. The idea of sucking 100 pages of text into a single variable, mangling it, then returning it in 1 second still apalls me. The results of this, however, have been grand. I am producing the cleanest output text yet, and autolinking a large number of terms. Best of all, this should also be the most portable version of the script, better able to handle the wide variety of formats.

I still have many problems to solve with the new script, the biggest being categories and some entry dividers. Last time, I used a fluke of the html formatting to tell where I was in a table. This time, I must be more clever.

We spent a little time downtown today. A friend of Jen's was through, so we had an early dinner at Kramer's books. I snapped a few, fun pics, too.

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