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Quiet Day

The thunder woke me this morning. I listened to the rain come in. That told me that I would not be doing much leaf raking today. It pretty much stayed wet all day. After one small section of the front yard, I called it quits.

I did pop out to JC Penny's and buy some shirts. I tried buying in a discount place, but their selection of mediums consisted mostly of larges and xtra larges. (You really have to like some clothing stores.) I mostly picked up solid shirts, as I think that I look better is solids. Two of the shirts were denim. Even with being a larger department store, I still had to hunt for the medium.

I can wear large with no problems, but today's larges are quite large. I don't even fill out the mediums. Way back when, I changed to larges because the sleeves weren't long enough on the mediums. That is no longer true. So really, the Larges are now Xtra Large, and mediums are the same a larges.

Got some laundry done. Cleaned up the bedroom. Played Arcanum some more with another character. Did some psych reading. I should copy my notes over, but I have been lazy.

I'm done being by myself. I don't want to go back to work, but I'd like some sociable place besides here.

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