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Grayish Sunday

I finished up Arcanum this morning. Yay. Longish game. In the end, you found out that everyone was lying. The religions were lies. The enemy was a lie. The "great personages" of the times were a lie. *Blah*

I looked out at my front yard this morning and discovered more leaves there than I had blown out the day before. Yikes! After some working, I've got the back yard clear for me moment.

Ya know, Jen was supposed to help me rake leaves this year. I really thought she'd still be around. She would have made a good leaf raker.

For that matter, xpioti still owes me for all that house work I helped her with. Hmmm. I'll have to guilt trip her or something.

As I was clearing the leaves, the weather kept reminding me of high school. There was something about the grass and the sky that reminded me of those days. I kept expecting to go out and play D&D after I was done the yard work. There was that illusion that my friends were just around the corner or down the street.

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