Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Sometimes the cat doesn't come in at night. In those cases, Jen lets him in in the morning, he wolfs down food, hops on the bed, uses me as a pillow, and zonks out.

Hard partying cat dude.

For the trip this weekend, the wedding is ''better dressed'' casual. (I hate the term "dressy casual", so I'm not using it.) I plan to pack as light as possible for this trip. The schedule look to be:

- Travel (we'll have time)
- Arrive
- Eat
- Sleep
- Eat
- Socialize
- Eat
- Socialize
- Wedding
- Eat and Socialize
- Sleep
- Eat
- Travel (we'll have time)

Travel is one of the few instances where I actually want an iPod (or any other portable music player).

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