Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Birthday Dinner

My birthday dinner went well. Jen let me choose where to go to dinner. I chose to go to her pot luck group. :) Who can blame me? The food is good. The atmosphere is homy. The conversation is always fun. (That's much better than some restaurant where you get irked fighting to PAY them.)

I forgot to say "Happy Birthay" to my twin-sister Carol. (Not only may you not know that I have a twin, but you are amazed that I somehow forgot her birthday. If it helps, I've forgotten my own birthday, so this is no mean feat.)

Another sister's birthday, Judy's, is tomorrow. Happy b-day, one day early. And finally, Happy Father's Day to dad. And today, HAPPY FLAG DAY.

The main admin for the DnD wiki will be away for six weeks. I'll be watching over the thing. The work should be easy.

This weekend is a wedding in Austin, TX. We fly out early on Friday, then come back on Sunday. It's a very short trip. I plan to travel light and take many pictures. I want to improve my wedding-picture-taking skills.

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