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Male Duties

On the way to class today, it occurred to me that I have never actually bought a Playboy magazine. I have looked at them plenty of times, but never actually bought one. I rememdied that on the way home. I stopped off at Tower Records, popped into their adult only section, and did a bit of buying. I bought the Christmas Playboy, the one with Dita Von Teese on the cover. She's a lovely thing and well worth the drool factor. I picked up a copy of "Club Confidential", which featured all the expected interpersonal gymnastics that you may expect. I picked up a DVD of The Confessions of Tori Wells, a sex worker of some renoun.

My American male duties have been accomplished. I have continued to fund the sexist industry that opresses women, yet drives technilogical development.

While I was in Tower, I also picked up "Gigi" and "Grease." I don't know what the counter guy must have thought, seeing both musicals and sex in the same pile.

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