Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


In a fit of good citizenship, I went voting today. Before work, I swung over to Viers Mill Middle school to "cast" my ballot.

I have determined that last minute campaigners are a hazzard that must be eliminated. Do I really want to be harassed on my way into the polling place? Even politely? I'm not changing my mind for you folks, so just forget that you ever saw me.

Maryland's new voting system is based on smart cards. You walk up to the judges, who have cards and printouts, where you sign your name. You then take your orange card to another table, where those judges activate a voting smart card for you. From there, you wait in line for a voting machine. You then take you smart card, put it in the slot, and interact with the touch screen before you. When you are done, you press "cast your ballot". The machine spits out your card and you return the card to the voting officials. Voting done. An "I Voted" stickers is given to you, which is supposed to make you feel good. I guess that's the citizen equivalent of a gold star.

I finished my paper up last night, so I am now ready to take it to class. I don't think that this paper is as good as the last one. I figure that I'll only get a 92 or so on it.

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