Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weirdness Alert

The right has now concluded that Pope John Paul II was clearly Marxist/Comunits.

"The Church in America must be [a] vigiliant advocate the protects, against all unjust restrictions, the natural right of each person to freely move within its own nation or to another nation."

The AMERICA the Pope speaks of above is NOT the United States of America, but ALL of North America -- that's Mexico, America and Canada. The statement above made by Pope John Paul II clearly indicates that he was in the camp of the Communist Manifesto, CFR, Trilateral Commission. He has made this and MANY, MANY other similar OWO pronouncements, associations and visits legitimizing communism and other repressive regimes under the guise of love and reconciliation . . . all the while he was promoting a One World Church.

OK. The man who the Soviets tried to assassinate because of his anti-communism is a Marxist? The man who greatly supported the Polish labour uninions was marxist?

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