Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

The Right

I've been learning about the right and seeing what *I* think is behind them. (I don't claim that I'm right, and I don't even claim that I'll believe any of this next week.)

The #1 thing behind the furthest right is frustration and marginalization. They are a very frustrated political block. Think about the farmer in Idaho. He has a certain worldview and ethic. Everyone around him has a certain worldview and ethic. Almost everyone he meets has this worldview and ethic.

Now look at TV, the movies, and books. Are those your ethic? No. They aren't. So if they aren't YOUR ethic, who's are they? Where are these consistant ideas and ethics coming from? Hollywood. How is it that they are so consistant? You don't get that organized by accident, so there must be some agenda. There must be a LIBERAL agenda being implemented through Hollywood.

So what do you do? You oppose it. You support the party that opposes it. What's the more conservative party? The Republicans. You support them. So what do they do? They act and implent policies that have nothing to do with you. They ignore you. Why? Because they are out of touch with all the people that you know, the ordinary American. They kow-tow to the special interest with money. So you get more angry and frustated, having no impact in the system.

I'm not criticizing these folks. They are honest in their ideals. They are interpreting the world as best that they can. They really ARE marginalized in our system, as 2/3 of the country lives on the coasts. By default, they begin in minority and in significanly different circumstances than the majority of the population. As farm states have declined in population, their influence has dwindled even further. As corporations have moved into farming, their influences has been further marginalized. To be all together honest, anybody who felt themselves to be the bread and butter of America, then saw themselves get so marginalized in the system, would feel resentment.

And I now understand why the angry talk-show host does so well. They touch that anger and frustration, and say what so many are feeling, even if it is overhyped.

What's amazing to them is how they continuously fail to squash society moving in certain directions. The liberals continue to score victories, no matter how insane that seems. How do they keep doing this? The difference is that liberals aren't a single block, but an alliance of activist groups seeking change. They are running on parallel paths, testing all corners, in an activist mode. The bread and butter of America do not see themselves as activists. How can you be activist for the obvious? The natural tendency is to be obstructionist; to STOP the stupid things that are happining. Notice the direction of the rhetoric: restore the power of states (pull BACK); reduce taxes (down); shrink the government (down). Their goals are very directional, which puts them at a disadvantage, because they don't actually have well defined goals.

In order for the cultural far right to be successful, they need to do a few things:
1. See themselves as advocates.
2. Learn how to conduct advocacy from the liberals.
3. Actually learn and understand the positions of the left, and use reasonable, non-inflamatory position to sway the center.

In order to marginalized, the cultural far right needs to do the following things:
1. Cheer for their own side.
2. Demonize the other side.
3. Alienate 1/2 of the center.
4. Convince the other 1/2 of the center that they aren't reasonable in their positions.

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