Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Dictionary at the End of the World

I just mis-read something and came up with Dictionary at the End of the World.

Now that the obligatory religious holidays are done, it's time to get Jen' brother back in town. We are seeking a place for them to stay, but the hotel prices are pricey. We may wind up with John, Chu Li, and baby Anna in the house for a week.

John warned us, "Sometimes she starts crying for no reason." Ummm, uhhh, DUH. She's a baby. Comes with the territory. Quite honestly, we look on this as "practice."


Hey, a quote from Tom about mapusaurus in New Scientist. (Some folks train watch. Some folks plane watch. What would one call finding Tom quotes? I'll leave that to the JASFA list.


Almost done psionics on the DnD Wiki. Phew. After this, it is still Epic and Divine. I'm starting to putter out here. Slowing down. Well, we'll see how much longer this takes.

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