Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

This month in music

Coming this month in music:

Collide - Chasing the Ghost
Gaelic Storm - Special Reserve
Club 8 - Club 8
Great Big Sea - Something Beautiful
Sephin Merritt - Showtunes
Dressy Bessy - Electrified
Cat Power - The Greatest

I upgraded my Ubuntu over the weekend. I bopped up to Dapper Drake preview Flight 6. My jukebox program can now handle searches by song length. Yay!!!! ADD radio is born. I can now easily listen to songs between 2:00 and 3:30 long. That's the same song length that I grew up listening to on Top 40. Today, the average song length is 4:30-5:30.

I also have other song-length groupings, just so that I listen to the variety.

I gave up listening to the top 100 of the 2000's. I could not stand it any more. 2005 was passable, and had some interesting sound texture. By 2003, I got tired of all the songs with "fuck, nigger, shit, etc." in them. The country songs were awful in the opposite direction. The modern songwriter likes putting paragraphs to music. They have veered away from any rhythm or color expression.

For instance, in yesteryear, a country writer would have said, "My baby left my heart rusting in the field," has been replaced by, "My baby said goodbye to me and left me. She walked on out the door and never looked back again. My heart it feels like yesterday's farmland. It feels like an old tractor rusting in the field." Talk about wordy! They explain the whole thing to you, just to make sure that you get it.

So, once again, the #1 problem in the music industry is the industry itself. As long as they sell shit, they'll make shit.

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