Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I made good headway on flowing feats last night. I got the perlscript to produce a clean, cut-n-paste version of feats. I also automated all the tags, so that any special tags would get plopped in. I must have added 90 pages last night. I'll finish off the remaing 50 feats tonight.

The trick was to do two passes on the file.

Now that I have a working script model, I can adapt it easily to spells, which are going to be hell and will need all the automation that I can lay my pathetic hands on. I need to auto-tag school, classes that can use the spell, certain subschools, elemental types, good, evil, and maybe properties like touch, save type, etc. Honestly, I can go nuts with the tags as the computer will do 99% of the actual work.

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