Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I truly, truly played too much wiki today. I have formatted myself into exhaustion. I swear, playing wiki is every bit as indulgent as playing a real computer game. To tell you how truly productive I was today, of the most recent 150 pages added, I did 140 of them. (Did I mention that I get a tad obsessive with games?)

Converting the SRD is quite the project. It is far larger, and more involved, then I predicted. But hell, I used to be a tech writer. I only need patience.

Meanwhile, Jen tried out her solar oven yesterday. It was a good day to try it. It was cold, but sunny. She made it out of boxes, packing tape, aluminumm foil, picture glass, and shredded mail. With the reflector, it hit 200 degrees. That's close to boiling point, and well within the range of a crockpot. (She got the plans off the internet. Yes, there is more on the internet than porn and kitchen armaments.)

The jukebox project is down to its last legs. I'm now on soundtracks. After that, I run normalize for a few more days, and that project will be done. We are now over 27 days of music.

The film on Friday was V For Vendetta.

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