Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Cat's Out Part 2

The cat went out again last night and stayed there for a good long while. He likes the cold and the dark. Really. He absolutely adored being outside. It took me two hours to coax him back in, then he wanted to go out again. We'll try leaving him out all day, but before that happens, Jen needs to ping the vet on vaccinations. He also needs a collar.

In the self-torture column, I am listening to the top 100 hits of 2000. This gets worse. That's right, next is 2001-2005. OhmyfuckingGod, this shit is boring. Who beat rock'n'roll with the wussy stick? Who imported the downbeat to Motown? Who took all the country out of country, and where did they hide the body? Sad. This is so very sad. It's like a series of corpses tied up like marionettes.

Jen said it best. "After listening to this, I am so VERY glad that you listen to twee pop."

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