Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Bah Headache

I have a headache this morning, so I stayed at home. I'm starting to feel better, but I still can't eat much. I need to do some chocolate milk. Meanwhile, I'm here hanging out with the cat.

I finished normalizing! Processing to 48 hours. 6pm Saturday to 6pm Monday. Nonstop. There are a few ways to do it faster, but not many.

Today is Jen's birthday. Wish her well. She is now X=(X+1) years older! Let's hear it for storyjen.

There are time that she tells me, "You are so geeky. I absolutely adore you." That's when I know that I found one terrific woman. I enjoy the way that she love snuggling into my back. I treasure her cooking, and all the new foods that she feeds me. I treasure cooking for her, and showing her new foods. I enjoy playing music for her, and how she loves enjoying this jukebox pleasure that I brought to her. I like how she sees things to do that get me out of the house. I enjoy her inviting folks over to dinner. I adore her [CENSORED] while [CENSORED]. All in all, she's made the last few years very new, and I am glad that I married her.

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