Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Today's Halloween will be a very different Halloween. Last year, in fact the last several year, Halloween has been dry and warm. I've always heard the kids scrunching through the leaves towards my door before actually seeing them. The leaves were already well dropped. This year, the leaves have only just started dropping, it's all wet, and it's chilly.

Last year, we had a poor showing for Halloween. People were scared of Terrorist dropping planes on them. Or mass gas attacks against scattered people outside. Or whatever. Nothing ever did materialize. This year, we almost got snipered out. In that, we had a far more likely probability of a body count if the zipper head hadn't been caught. Most likely, more children will be hurt by cars than the sniper could have hoped for. I should go digging for statistics.

I've been thinking about Christina, who I dated (just socially) about three years ago. Damn, after all this time, she still makes me think. Christina was about 100% learning curve for me. Wasn't as good as the thought that she was, but was better than she knew. We did a good job at miscommunicating with each other despite being very similar people. She introduced me to Cleveland Park. We saw Being John Malkavich and Dogma. She taught me the importance of buying tickets early in Dupont Circle. Mostly, she got me to reconsider many things about myself and how I relate to others. She still makes me think. Somehow, in all that messed-upness, she got to be a friend of mine. I realized that after the dumped me. Doh!

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