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Dratted Stereo

I dropped by the stereo repair place on the way home. Hmm... perhaps "dropped by" is the wrong word. I went through that Hell that is Bethesda at rush-hour to get turned around and around, find myself on unexpected streets, stuck in backups and eventually find a parking place four blocks from where I wanted to park. This gave me no peace of mind, I can tell you that.

Upon hearing my problems with my stereo, the repair guy told me frankly, it was most likely the wiring. I did not want to hear that, either. I would like to say that getting home was a breeze, but I succeeded in putting on my "stupid" cap while driving, and again finding every backup in a one mile radius. Fortunately, once I reached Connecticut, traffic opened up and I breezed home. Thank you, God, for small favors.

I tore the car apart when I reached home. I took the likely door panel off, only to find that the stereo would not play. I took the other door panel off, and yes, this time the stereo played. My current theory is this: the right speaker kept vibrating down into the metal of the door. When it got hot enough, the parts expanded to touch the metal, thus giving me a short. When it was cool, the parts contracted, opening the short and allowing the stereo to feel happy and healthy.

There are now many happy mosquitos about my house, as I made a very happy dinner for them while working on the car.

I hope that I don't have to take the car apart again. I hope that I have all the shorts covered this time. I hope. Cross your fingers. This stereo installation has been a beast from the beginning, and I am wondering what I need to kill it with to may it stay alive.

Kitykatya was my first friend here at LiveJournal. I now have my first response, from MadWriter. He's a friend of Kittykatya and a regular at Spagetti Night. Barb knows him better than I do.

I've worked out my rules for adding friends to my journal. 1. Thou shalt write in full sentence, use paragraphs, and understand basic punctuation. The knowledge of small and BIG letters is equally as important. I was going to have a second rule, but I realized that I have eliminated almost all angsty people with this first rule. I might still institute a second rule given enough prompting. Of course, if you do write in full paragraphs and I don't find you interesting, then you don't get added to the friends list. That isn't so much a rule as it is a principal.

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