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Rise in Sea Level

If global warming continues, and sea level rises 75 feet, where should I live?

Let's see:

Mean elevation of MD: 350 feet. Good. I can keep living here. Appalachia is a no-brainer. Montgomery county is between 20 and 880 feet. The low point is near DC, which is a swamp anyway. North Kensington is 310 feet. Good. I can now stop worrying about rising sea levels.

But wait! What if Jen wants to move? Takoma Park is at +250. Good.

Bad places to live:
- Along the bay.
- Worcester, Wicomico, Talbo, Somerset, Queen Anne's, Dorchester, Caroline counties. The Delmarva penninsula is going underwater.
- Downtown DC

Interstingly, the areas that are not downtown DC and downtown Baltimore will do okay. Both cities rise quickly once away from the water. Baltimore hits 100 feet above sea level. It can continue being a port town.

Where I grew up, Linthicum, +160 feet. It should be fairly close to the shoreline, too. It's on a plateau. It has an airport.

OK. So, if we see a rise in 75 feet in sea level, the eastern shore will be innundated. Norfolk and New York will cease to be effective trading centers, althought new ports could be built up the river where water levels are more stable. Baltimore, with its existing rail infrustructure, would pick up as the major eastern seaport. DC may pick up as a seaport, but it does not have the same infrastructure. Both Baltimore and DC have their major airports above 100 feet in elevation. This will greatly help their stability in a time of floodig.

A new port could arise further up the James river in Virginia to take advantage of Norfolk's orphaned infrastructure.

If we do see a rise in sea level, expect a building boom. People gotta go somewhere. Wood will get too expensive, so expect to see more buildings of concrete, steel, and aluminum. This will be good, as we should expect more powerful storms more often.

There will be a critical need for a wood-replacement material in homes. Not everyone will want metal studs. Metal is expensive to produce, and energy costs will be rising.

Since DC will flood, expect a massive defense plan first, then a massive project to disassemble and move all the memorials. A new center of government will be build well above sea level. DC itself will also become a resort town, as it is now closer to sea level. You can stay in a five star hotel AND go sailing.

College park will become quite the party town, as it 70 foot elevation slowly floods. At its level, the state may choose to put up dikes to defend enough coastal plain. The land rises toward Greenbelt.

All in all, flooding will destroy the eastern suburbs, but the middle and western suburbs will remain. We can easily rebuild that in 100 years.

It's gonna be an interesting century, folks.

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