Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Accomplished

Weekend accomplished.

We visited Xpioti and Lokifrost's baby shower. Good kids, them. Saw Jason and Kat's baby. Six days old. Awww.

We watched "Trekkies."

We discovered mold in the small bedroom closet. These clothes were too close to the wall and moisture built up. I now need to dry it out, wash it down, and paint it.

We are planning a trip to Seattle. Jen is going for a conference. I will join her over a weekend. I need to request time off. Last weekend in March. (Must find cat sitter.)

I still need to get that dryer working. I'm gonna break down and hire somebody. I'm lazy.

I finished the next block of ripping. I'm up to Lush. 20 days of music. 30 gigs. I have three more drawers of rock, and one drawer of musicals to go.

Jen had the auction house pick up her antiques on Saturday morning. She was sad to see her furniture of many years go away. I wish that we had room for it. Small house living: it takes many comprimises.

We finished our book, The History of Everday Items. We next delve into a biography about Roy Chapman Andrews, who explored the Gobi desert, and who was a model for Indiana Jones.

I wrapped up Lego: Star Wars. Everything unlocked.

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