Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I've been reading Frankenstein. Talk about a blow-hard, over-talked, self-important, piece of self-indulgent Romantic literature!

I'm up to the point where the man-made dude wants a wife. Given that everything about him is so much more prodigious, would he be hung as exceptionally as well? Is is bolted on? And would the misses be stacked as remarkably?

Given that Victor Frankenstein is in his early 20's, and suffering a whole lot, I think he's just suffering from Goth-like self-mutilation fantasies, except that he mutilating dead people and bringing them back to life. So he's vicariously mutilating himself.

I think Hollywood had it right. Throw the boring intellectualism out, leaving you with a big dumb guy who knows that he wants a woman. Way to go, Frankie!!! You're balls might be stapled on, but you know you wanna use em.

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