Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Scriptage Good

Much good scriptage happened last night. From what I learned yesterday, I ironed out the normalizing script. I still need to do a tweak or two, especially make it reject any non-".ogg" files. I occasionally get tempted by feature creep, but I can just say "no."

The whole process worked fairly well. I started off with a file full of comments, stating what each section would do, in what order. That got me about 2/3 through the logic. Then, I actually tried to script and ran into a wall of my own ignorance. After that first day, I had some kludges in and a mostly-running-script.

On the second day, I took time to hit the bash documentation and the bash guides. Those greatly helped. I looked specifically at the areas where I was having problems and at "best practices". I incorporated both of those into my script last night. Curly braces {} rock.

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