Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I'm getting relocated at work. Dammit. They need to convert our area into storage. Now, I need to find someplace to store equipment.

(Our building has lots and lots of empty space, but nobody can actually use it. Doh! Thanks, Congress.)

Meanwhile, at home, I've been working on a bash script to normalize my Ogg Vorbis files. It is mostly working, except for those parts which aren't. I'm scratching my head over those. All in all, this has been good for me to exercise those rusty bash scripting skills. I'm not doing thing elegantly in many cases, but the code is readable.

We had Liz over last night for dinner. It was a good visit. We even got off our behinds and cleaned up the house a bit.

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