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Crazy Dumbledore Theory

Dinner discussions can get goofy.

Dumbledore is really Voldelmort

- We never see them together
- Dumbledore explains hoarcruxes. That's how he creates these false Voldemorts.
- How better to hide in the wizarding world than in plain sight?
- Snape knows, and this is why he is so loyal to "Dumbledore."
- Ever wonder why Hagrid keeps getting protected? Hagrid is the best breeder of uncontrollably evil creatures in England. Voldemort needs his services to build up his evil creature collection.
- Voldemort hates HP, so he makes sure that HP gets into school so that he can be put through a series of abusive and soul-breaking trials.
- Voldemort enjoys sending Harry "home" every summer, just to see him suffer.
- Any reasonable headmaster would have expelled HP.
- V hides well by keeping the worse seer in the wizarding world on hand at the school.
- Nobody would believe if V. just showed up again. By using HP, he can spread word of his existance and prep his allies for takover without exposing himself.
- By threatening Hogwarts, he can cause repeated shakeups in the wizarding world, thus weakening his enemies, or causing them to prepare in the wrong ways.
- By having everyone depend on Dumbledore, he is setting the entire wizarding world up for failure when "Dumbledore" dies. He can shatter their false sense of security and demoralize them at the same time.
- Now that the Evil side needs his active control, he needs to ditch the "Dumbledore" fascade.
- He leaves HP on a wild-goose-chase looking for hoarcruxes. It will take HP almost a year to figure it out. By then, his plans should be gold.
- Do you think Dumbledore would really be so dumb and naive as to drink a font of strange liquid? Don't you think that maybe, just maybe, he would back-off and work out a better answer than nearly committing suicide? Isn't it inexplicably unlucky that he does this on the night of an attack meant to assassinate thim? And to die as a result of that? Isn't it odd that he did not have one of those "lucky" potions available for this extremely dangerous task that can influence the fate of the world???? Or, it was all a clever act to disappear from the wizarding world and resume his TRUE nature of Voldemort. I don't see Dumbledore being that incredibly stupid, but I do see Voldemort being that evilly clever.
- The Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers keep dying. What could be a better way to insure an entire generation of the enemy that can't defend itself adequitely.
- Isn't it odd how Dumbledore is the only person who really knows about Voldemort in detail? Perhaps Voldemort used Dumbledore as his first Hoarcrux, and he too is another aspect of Voldemort, this time in the heart of the enemy's mission. In fact, he knows all the enemy's most secret secrets!


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