Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

LARP Combat

Once upon a time, I was writing a LARPs. I found this rule set for fighting in one of my games. Wow.


Combat can occur in four separate ways: Brawls, Scuffles, Take It Outside, and Let’s Settle This Once And For All. Please note that combat is discouraged in this game. Nothing is accomplished by fighting.

A brawl is begun by someone singng, “London Bridge is Falling Down.” Anyone who wishes to help can join in. People avoiding the fight need to sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” When the GM signals the end of the song, all the people in the brawl (singing “London Bridge”) fall down. Nobody wins. You see, nothing is ever accomplished by fighting.

Sometimes people want to fight man-to-man (or whatever is the politally correct term this century). These fights are simulated by two people getting close together, making Batman style “pow-bap” noises, and hitting their own hands with their own fist to make a smacking sound. This is a cue for everyone else around to grab them by the arms and haul them apart. Nobody wins. Remember, nothing is ever accomplished by violence.

Take It Outside
In this style of fight, the two combatants go outside to fight it out. The GM escorts them out of the room. If male, they both then come back in the room covering one eye, pick up a “Black Eye” badge, bear a big grudge, not admit defeat, but also “rather not talk about it.” Women come back with their clothes and hair out of place, and then spew insults at each other until they are seperated or scuffle. Aliens never “take it outside” and neither do most mixed-gender fights. A sufficient butch woman can follow the male rules if she chooses. And remember, nobody wins because nothing is accomplished by fighting.

Let’s Settle This Once and For All
The two people involved leave the convention and remove themselves from the hotel grounds, remove their badges from the convention and the game, then go at it with real fists. However, since they have removed their badges, they are out-of-game and all their pain and anguish is for naught. Remember, nothing is accomplished by fighting. The GM will see that you get kicked out of the convention for using this game mechanic.

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