Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Cat Update

The kitty is behaving a bit better, but he has his moments.

We put aluminum foil on the table. The first thing he did was jump on the table. The second thing that he did was to lie down on it. *sigh* Jen covered her new chair in foil. He immidiately identified the one area that was now coverer in foil and claws at that part.

He loves killing tennis balls.

He can claw open door. He will work very hard at this.

When he meows in a certain way, I think he is trying to say "play", except that he can't make the 'L' sound.

I fear the spring when the windows open. The screens will NOT survive.

We now have bigger water sqirters. Heavier weapon. The arms race continues.

He loves playing in a random box with a hole in the bottom. We get to play "Beast from the Box". I dangle string behind the opening, an a paw grabs the hapless string, pulling it to its doom.

I need make him stop chewing a few cords. My plan is jalapenio peppers. Jen bought a few. The cat thought they were toys and kidnapped them. Either the cat got lucky and didn't get any oil on his tongue, or he likes jalapenos.

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