Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The weekend went rather well. On Friday, Jen and I grabbed dinner at a sub-par Greek place, then grabbed some ice cream.

On Saturay, I worked on entering CD's into the collection manager. I ripped many more CD's onto the PC. Jen and I finally started back on Season 3 of Buffy. The jukebox theory of lotsa CD's on my PC has been working rather well.

Today, I popped the second CD back into my PC. (It has been attached to Jen's laptop for a long time.) I bought a new IDE cable for the drives. My old one was too short.

I am currently working to install Neverwinter Nights Gold onto my Linux system. I found a shell script which should help, but it's for the platinum edition. I may need to modify the .sh script. (I've had the game for six months. I'm only just bothering.)

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