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Kicking Ass

Okay, I got my test back from class and my paper, too. I kicked ass from here to China, then hijacked a plane home.

Test: 92 + 10 points extra credit
Paper: 100 (The teacher was majorly impressed. Two grammatical errors.)
Extra Credit Assignment: The teacher asked to keep the assignment.

Do I strut my stuff or what?

Class tonight was a far cry from class during the day. You know, I really do enjoy most classes more than a computer class. I really forgot just how much I enjoy learning, especially people stuff. Oh, and I really do like getting those A's. Good thing I have such a good memory and a degree in English Literature. Oh, and those two years as a technnical writer. And all that writing experience. Lucky me.

Dinner tonight was at La Madeline; a quiche lorrain and potato soup.

I did get a chance to bop my head into G Street Fabric. What a terrible experience. Everything that looked so cool for the drape behind the bed cost so very much. Oh, yeah, I'm going to drape a big cloth behind the bed. That should take apart the big wall nicely. I'm thinking gray or blue or reddish, or maybe a darker yellow. Hey, you art folks, any color suggestions? Patterns?

I'm talking about fabrics. Damn. I sound gay. Okay, I walked into the fabric store to check out all the hot chicks there. (There. Manly excuse inserted.)

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