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I ordered with Amazon a bit early for February. For the most part, I'm wiping the oldest stuff off my list. This means that next month will be a Stereolab orgy. I'll have a few other things in there, too.

I also mean to buy a 300 gig SATA for Monkichi, my Ubuntu box. It will be there to hold my music. I calculate that it should hold 6,000 albums. Even if I'm off by 3,000, that's enough storage to hold my entire music collection. Whohoo. Now, I need to put my money aside. Street price on a Seagate Barracuda 300gb is $170-$180. (Of course, I could buy a Mac Mini, attach a bigger drive, and do the whole thing that way. Quiet and small.)

I figure, I can rip as I play Soulcalibur (or whatever).

That reminds me. I still need more storage. My storage solution works well, but the first drawers that I bought were too big, and a little too heavy to be convenient.
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