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Training in Waiting

I popped off to Falls Church this morning for Active Directory training. Surprisingly, the road was very nice. Everything moved well, except a few slow spots. I figure, with the change to standard time, everyone's sense of time was messed up, which means that the roads were not. Once I got there, the receptionist was way cute. At that point, she drops the bombshell on me ... wrong office!!! I had been told wrong. I had to be in BETHESDA.

I was fortunate here is several ways. I had arrived way early in Falls Church because I was expecting awful traffic. Second, the traffice was way clear all the way in, which made getting back to Bethesda a breeze. I dropped off in Lot 41 at work, then walked the ten or twelve blocks to class. All iin all, I was about 10 minutes late to a remarkably dull and tedious experience.

Tangentially, class in Bethesda means that I'll be home in time for Halloween. Means I hafta buy candy. Now that the sniper is all locked up, nobody's expecting a body count.

I was gonna talk about more dating adventures tonight. I'll have to leave Christina and Katie and Cathy to another nigiht.

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