Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

List five "marker songs" that match periods or events in your life -- good and/or bad, and the events that they match. They don't necessarily have to be life-changing moments; they can just be markers of times and or places that made you feel happy or sad.

I'll take up this meme.

1. The Bangles, Alll Over The Place

This is the first album that I fell in love with. I listened to it constantly during freshman year in college. I literally went to sleep listening to this album for months at a time. I just loved, loved, LOVED this album. I kicked myself knowing that they were in town playing a show just weeks before I discovered this little gem.

2. Heather Nova, Oyster

This is a wonderful ablum. I fell in love with it. This happened during the mid 90's, when I was sharing a house up in Gaithersburg. DOS based games were the order off the day. JASFA meetings were held in my living room. My compuer was a 486/66. This time isn't really noteworthy of anything, other than being in my mid 20s.

3. The Fantastiks (original off-Broadway cast)

This album has a song on it. "Try to Remember." When I heard that song, I did remember. This was a song that I heard when I was little, but could never quite remember. Jen loved the song, too. This song was the one we danced to at our weddiing.

4. The Story of Star Wars and The Muppet Show Album

They did Star Wars as a two-sided album. They edited down the movie, added some narration, and that become the Story of Star Wars. I got it for the Christmas of 1977, along with the Muppet Show Album. I was in 6th grade or so, I think. I listened to that thing obsessively at time. I listened on those wonderful 70s style headphones off an LP.

5. Sleater Kinney, The Hot Rock, and Rock Kills Stars compilation

I heard about Sleater-Kinney from my girlfriend at the time, Heather. She had a friend who was into them. I bought a copy at the Tower Records in Tysons one Sunday after we had dinner at the Mr. Smith's nearby. Heather did not last. Little did I know that the music would. This would be the chink that lead me back into music. Later on, after we broke up, I found an album at a used book store in Wheaton called Rock KIlls Stars. It was a compilation of indie groups. On that album was Tiger Trap. Tiger Trap got me to buy their album, and Go Sailor, which lead to many, many more purchases, and my current music spree, now in its fourth year.

In many ways, my breakup with Heather set many things up that shape my life today. It lead to my current D&D group, Spaghettiing Night, more filmfests, and ultimately Jen.

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