Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I was looking over some DJ "best music of 2005" lists. What struck me was two thing: few acts showed up on multiple lists, and many lists had no overlap. That tells me two things. First, there were no steamroller acts for 2005. Nobody dominated the listening charts. There were no great breakthroughs. Nobody shook anything up. Second, there's a whole lotta good acts out there that you or I have never heard of.

Exception to the above: The Decemberists tend to show up alot on lists. White Strips show up alot. They Kennedys make a good dent. Other groups got mentioned as well, but these folks seemed to make it into very disperate lists. I've heard snippet of the Decemberists and didn't care for them. I tried a WS album. They're great as singles but too much for an hour. I've never heard the Kennedys.

I received my Kirsty MacColl retrospective yesterday. It was a THREE CD set. Wow. That's three PACKED cd's. There's lots of music here from her early career that I never heard before. She died at 41. Damn. I'm almost as old as she was. That's chilling.

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