Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

New Albums

Most of the most recent album order arrived today.

The Finn Brothers - Everyone Is Here (2004)
These are Neil and Tim Finn. You know Neil Finn from Crowded House. I believe that they are New Zelanders.

Ladytron - Light and Magic (2005)
This is a synth-pop band from England. They are the only band whos retro-80's video actually looks 80's in that 80's synth way. It's actually kinda scarry.

Belinda Carlisle - A Place On Earth, Greatest Hits (1999)
A collection of ex-Go-Go turned 80's solo star. I'm so-so on Belinda, but I am slowly working on amassing the works of the Go-go's and their spin-off works.

Lucinda Williams - Live @ the Filmore (2005)
I love Lucinda. She's got though provoking songs, catchy tunes, and a heart. Her voice is passable, but that only makes the emotion of her songs go deeper. It's kinda like a steak knife. You need that edge to get in. Two disk set.

William Galison and Madelein Peyroux - Got You on My Mind (2004)
I don't know much about this album. I bought it for Madeleine. I assume that it is Jazz. I assume that it is underproduced and played to simple but technical perfection.

Guadacanal Diary - Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man (1985)/Jamboree (1986)
Once upon a time, they were quite the indie band, and every cool guy listened to indie bands. Now, they are on and oldie label. (Owww. I'm getting old.) Well, 20 years later, I've gotten around to picking up an album by them. *laugh*

I am waiting on the retrospective collection for Kirsty MacColl. It may have some tracks that I haven't heard since 1983. I look forward to it.

On the great listening project, I just reencountered the Would-Be-Goods. They are another band that I quite enjoy.

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