Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Last night, we saw the Producers. Cheesy. Very fun cheesy. The audience laughed like a laugh track. The scenes with Rodger worked especially well. OH MY GOD. Ulla needed more ... ummm... T&A, and a better belt. (That stage Ulla had quite the voice.) The "Springtime for Hitler" scene was priceless. The director needed a clue, and rarely moved the camera for anybody or anything. A few numbers were dropped, and I do miss the spiritual black account singing his part. The sight gags were wonderful. For instance, in the final number, the stage Prisoners of Love number, the set is ripped straight from Elvis's Jailhouse Rock set. This sort of gag appeared all throughout the film, but if you don't know musicals, you don't get the reference. Likewise, the "I want to be a producer" number had a very Gene Kelly sequence. As it was, I ddn't know enough musicals to get all the references, or all the film rips that showed up as background snippets.

In different news, I finally figured out the subject of the follow-on to Silence and Rain. Our heroinnes will go seeking a pheonix. There's no world or country challenging need to do this, but thee is money. Does a greedy heroinne need any more excuse? The tentative title is still Autumn of Dreams. And the follow to that is still tentatively titled as The Grave Of Destiny.

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