Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Picture Policies

Recent problems with a friend art got me thinking about my pictures, and how they might be used by others. Rather than get surprised, I decided that I just need to figure out my policy now.

I plan to add the following to my About page:

"All pictures are copyrighted by Douglas Milewski. All rights reserve. I grant a limited right to use these pictures in non-commercial, derivative works, such as collages and computer "desktops" made of multiple elements, as long as these pictures comprise a minority of the final work. (I define minority as 33% of the final work.) If you are in doubt about whether a work of yours fits this description, please contact me. If you do not contact me, I consider this acting in bad faith, and reserve the right to cancel this agreement.

Higher resolution images are available at reasonable and negotiable rates."

Basically, I want to cover my copyright ass, and cover their ass as well. I am fairly liberal on Fair Use, and want remix artists to feel safe using these images. (As most of my images reflect the work of others, such as houses and shoes, it would be hypocritical of me to get on a high-horse about my own work. In essence, I, as a photographer, am also a remix artist.) I think that this type of agreement benefits everyone. I do understand that there are bad monkies out there, and I can't help that. I want to minimize their impact while helping everyone else as much as possible.

I have turned off saving on some of my images. I want my full resolution images to act as carrots to those with money. I am sure that clever people can get arount this. I am aware of the technilogocial limitations on computers. I can not both advertise my images and protect them at the same time.

This brings me around to the photo exhibit I saw the other day. My reaction was, "I can do better than that." That brings me to thinking about displaying and selling my photos, and what becomes of them further down the road.

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