Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Happy New Year, folks.

Having nothing else to do Saturday, we went off to Silver Spring to see Walk The Line. (Good flick.)

Saturday turned out compeletely different than expected. We orignally planned to slum about JASFA for the New Year, and watch Anime. Then, a few days before, Lori called out of the blue. Their original plans had fallen through, and they had a fridge full of good food. The duck paella melted our resolve. Amazingly, Jen's former college roommate was in the area, near Winchester, VA. We booked Saturday afternoon with her. So we wound up trapsing out west, hanging about a nice house, taking a nice walk, and generally enjoying the afternoon. That night, we went to Haymarket, ate good food, drank some acceptable champaign (I hate champaign, so that's quite a complement to the champaign), and played scrabble with Brian and Lori as their kids engaged in kid things.

For Sunday, we just lazied about. For dinner, I cooked up a rutabegah (boiled, buttered, with cajun spices), wilted some spinach in chinese rice vinegar, and had some white chicken sausage fried up in olive oil. Yummy.

I have the New Year's bottle of porta. It is Six Grapes. At $28, it's my most expensive bottle yet. However, to be honest, it tastes no better than the $14 Whiskers Blake.

Today, we cleaned up a bit. I shredded much junk mail. I played lots of Dark Cloud. Jen continued her project of making then freezing soup in lunch-sized containers.

I really need to post pics from the week. I took many. There's the DC trip, the West Virginia pics, and the Christmas Pics.

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