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Jen Home

Jen arrived home yesterday. She's comfy and cozy with the cat again, who destroyed yet another string. I made a new tassle for the cat. (I really don't understand why the cat ignores the tassle 99% of the time, and tries to eat it 1% of the time.)

I was supposed to take the day off for a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium, but that family trip with sisters/nephews got canned. So, I went to work today and will take tomorrow off. I'll try and go downtown to shoot some pics.

We now have New Year's plans. The words "duck pallaella" were enough to change our plans. Whether we make it to the New Year's JASFA is now questionable.

Meanwhile, at work, I'm taking this week to set up a Fedora Core 4 box. I've already learned to hate SELinux. That made getting SAMBA started far too difficult. But, I do have SAMBA running, so now I can turn stuff back on and work stuff out from there.

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