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Computer Fun

I got to work on the PC this weekend. I swapped out that hard drive. I also disabled two fans. (It's a 750 mhz box. It ain't overheating anytime this winter.) This made a huge difference in the volume. Yay. That annoying, high pitched, metallic sound is now gone, gone, gone. The bad side is that I had to reinstall the PC yet again. Blah.

The Halloween party was small and laid back. Not much to say for it, really. My only complaint, as is for most of the parties that I go to these days, is that the group is mostly all the same circles of people. There were a few new faces to me, but mostly the same old face. Not that those are bad faces, just that the pleasure of a party is meeting new folks.

I've been listening to the top 100 of various years in the car. This week, it's the top 100 of 1983.

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