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Why Darwism isn't religion

Darwinism is a relgion

As stated in our introduction, the theory of evolution has now been discredited in scientific circles. Since this theory first appeared, a large number of scientific findings have invalidated its claims one by one. The development of the electron microscope, new knowledge of genetic laws, the discovery of the structure of DNA, the revelation of the complexity of every living organism, and other modern advances have defeated Darwinism and will continue to oppose it. In other books by this author, you can read about the collapse of Darwinism in light of scientific facts and about the scientific proofs that have invalidated the theory of evolution.1

WOW!!!! I never knew.

Somebody better tell the entire field of biology this fact. They seem to have missed it.

It gets better. Just a few paragraphs later:

For Darwinists, the theory of evolution is much more than a scientific proposition. When their theory becomes a matter for discussion, evolutionist scientists immediately lose their impartiality and scientific objectivity. They are so fiercely bound to their theory that most distinguished biologists "would rather lose their right hands than begin a sentence with the phrase, 'If the theory of evolution is true...'"2 They do not even want to consider that the theory of evolution might not be true.

So Darwinism has bee throughly discredited (but by who?), but distinguished biologists won't buy it. So, who exactly is it that is proving Darwinism wrong? Since scientific circles include biologists, and Darwinism is thoroughly discredited in scientific circles ... ouch, the bad logic makes my brain hurt.

But he clears it up.

In fact, evolution became in a sense a scientific religion; almost all scientists have accepted it and many are prepared to "bend" their observations to fit in with it.8

OK, now most scientists do believe in evolution. So which scientific circles is "discredited in most scientific circles"?

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