Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Last few days

On Tuesday, I had some Chinese food. Bad idea. Wednesday was a migraine. Ooowwww.

My Oklahoma in-laws sent a few things off my Amazon wish list. Soundtrack for Hairspray, the best-of for the Grateful Dead, and a copy of the Muppet Movie.

Jen finished her paper. She crawled into bed some godawful time of the morning, fought fiercely for the covers, and thudded into sleep. This paper finishes her grad class. Yay.

Over last few days, I fished listening to the Silmarilion. I also watched through The Fellowship of the Ring.

Work has been blissfully quiet. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I finally get a break. I've been reading my book on C++. I've stopped trying to program for now, because I'm just losing interest, but I'm still learning lots. I really needed the context more than I needed the next chapter. Hopefully, I'll go back and actually learn some of this stuff. Or I'll go learn Python or Ruby or something.

Tonight, we plan to see Narnia. Tomorrow starts the Christmas-athon. My in MD on the 23rd, then up to NJ for the 24, and back on the 26th.

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