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Car Stuff

On the way home tonight, I stopped off and got the oil changed. I also got the engine flushed with cleaner. Not usual for me, but it's been quite a few thousand miles and the motor always seems to act up after an oil change. That makes me $95 poorer. Still to go, I need that all-points service, and maybe the muffler and maybe the brakes. Gotta get those looked at.

Spagetti Night watched Full Metal Challenge and Junkyard Wars. I was hoping for Amelie myself. Let's see.... cute french girl ... welding ... you decide.

Part of my latest Amazon order came in:

Eddie From Ohio - Looking Out the Fishbowl
Ivy - Guestroom
L7 - Bricks Are Heavy
The Donnas - Get Skintight
Gaelic Storm - Tree
Peter Case - Beeline

Time to cozy up in bed.

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