Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Headlline: Cat Wears Out Owners

In an effort to satisfy his cat, owner Doug Milewski took out a length of string and played with his cat, making it run around with great effort. When he was done, the cat mewled for more. This continued until the owner was fully worn out.

"I've never known a cat that wants to play this much," said Doug, "But I guess it's just a gaming addiction. The string must be the cat's equivalent to WoW or SoulCalibur, except there are no rare drops or cheat codes."

Jennifer, Doug's wife, agreed, "He's just a little maniac. He wants to play in the morning even before he gets fed. He got fixed, and now he has even more energy than before."

Doug followed up, "He did a slide tackle into my feet yesterday. This morning, he kept trying to sit on my feet as I walked."

In the future, the owners hope to create a Playstation game for entertaining cats.

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