Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Had a good birthday party dinner with lavender_liz at Satay Tai. I learned that vanilla martinis are tasty. I met a few other NIHers at the table.

One side of the table had first names that began in J. There were six people who had J for a first name, and five for the rest of the alphabet. Yes, the J's were out last night.

The cat came back. He was way twitchy last night. The drugs did fun things to him. He ate food like a maniac. He wound up sleeping on my legs half the night. This morning, he's feeling and playing much better. I made him a new cat-fishing-rod that he rather enjoys I even made the tassle. It wasn't complicated.

Other than that, I've been beating up monsters in Dark Cloud. Snapped a few pictures of the snow. Bought myself a colder weather vest. We'll see how it works. It fits closer, but I'm not sure if it's warmer than my previous jacket. It's from an outdoor store, so it may just be different.

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