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I kicked out of work a bit early. I caught dinner at the Baja Grill again. I got their chicken taquitos. I am slowly eating my way through their menu. I have no clue where I will eat after I'm done that. There are lots of places to go for viddles, but few places that serve good food quickly.

I took another test in psychology. I figure that I did less well on this one. Let's say a 90? We'll fiind out.

I am up to designing a character for the DND game. I've got the class, Cleric, and the race, halfling, but I just don't have the personality. Without the personality, I just have some stats. I think that I need to keep fudging. Something should come to me soon.

I'm darned sorry that I missed the rest of the zoo crew. I really wanted to hang with folks outside of spagetti night. I'm still the new guy in that crowd.

And now, it's time for those little insecurities come sneaking in. Today's insecure questions: Can I ever be more than I am now? Do I wind up whatever relationship that I get, grabbing it because it's convenient and I don't think I'll get better? Will there ever be another one? And will I ever be good enough for a DC woman, or will they forever keep raising the bar on me?

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